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Market heading towards 49130 Level

Market next target lies at 49130 & ideally this trend could reach even 55200. Considering the elliot wave analysis, we are now in the 5th wave. First impulsive leg start from 27030 on 26 march,2020 & ended at 35255 on 11june,2020. After that 2nd correction leg was simple & 3 step affair which took support at 33100 on 19 june,2020. After that third wave unfolded & that leg pushed the market at 42800 on 10 september,2020 where this 3rd wave ended. After that wave four appeared which usually occurs in consolidation. Same happened almost & we experiences sideway structure shaping symmetrical triangle design perfect ended at 39340 on 21 november, 2020 where fourth leg ended. After that new 5th chapter started which keep going on & at the moment we are at 45931 & still this 5th  leg has to travel atleast 49130 & even it can go 55200 optimistically & expecting this leg to be much more strong impulse than previous 2 impulses.

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